Hi, my name is Lisa Jacobson, owner of LJ Virtual Assistance.  I   "unofficially" started my working career at 7, working in the family business with my Dad. I learned a lot working in a small business, it taught me the power of relationships and the power of creativity. It also showed me what could be accomplished with the power of one idea.

I "officially" started my working career as an adult in Corporate America, working in the manufacturing, retail and technology industries; wearing different hats in administration, management and marketing ....sometimes wearing more than one of those hats when needed.  While I enjoyed the people I worked with and for, I always felt stifled by the "rules" and boxed in by the cubicles. I took away lessons on how to run a business from all of those experiences. But more importantly I learned what it takes to run a successful business that also feeds your soul.

I've always felt that I was born with an entrepreneurial heart. And after   becoming a mother,  I couldn't deny that part of my heart any longer.   I've combined my years of work experience, my belief in the power of an   idea and my love of helping people succeed to create LJ Virtual Assistance.

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